Justin, Saginaw County

Justin is an 18 year old senior from Freeland, Michigan. Justin had first heard about covid-19 in late December, when a friend sent him an article about it. Justin tried to continue living his life normally, but he had always been somewhat of a germaphobe, so when he heard about a new virus, he beganContinue reading “Justin, Saginaw County”

Sarah, Bay City

Storyteller: Richard West             Sarah was 20 when COVID-19 first started and worked as a worked as a Visitor experience Assistant and goes to College at SVSU while also going to school full time.             The virus has affected her life by causing her to be unemployed throughout the year, and having most of herContinue reading “Sarah, Bay City”

Tiffany, Mt. Pleasant

Storyteller: Madison Wagner Tiffany is a 21 year old student of Central Michigan University who works part time on campus at the gym and is also starting her internship. During the holidays and off time she stays at her moms in Sanford, MI. Her day to day consists of going to class, work and extracurricularsContinue reading “Tiffany, Mt. Pleasant”

Kaylee, Genesee County

Storyteller:Antonia Levario Kaylee is a 18 year old living her teenage years through the pandemic. Kaylee had plans to go to the casino for her birthday and finally gamble as a legal adult but that was put to a halt because of the pandemic. Kaylee says she was saddened that she couldn’t see her friendsContinue reading “Kaylee, Genesee County”

Josh, Essexville

Story Teller: Alexa Weaver Josh is a twenty-year-old resident of Essexville, Michigan. He is employed at Auto Perfection in Midland, Michigan. Despite this, his main priority in his life right now is supporting his mother through her fight against breast cancer. This on top of the pandemic has made life quite hard this past year.Continue reading “Josh, Essexville”

Reagan, Grand Blanc

Storyteller: Aubrey Cole Reagan is 19 years old and lives in Grand Blanc, Michigan. He is a full-time student at Martin Luther College, and also has a job working for door dash. Reagan first heard about COVID at school. All the students had got together for chapel and they were told they were not comingContinue reading “Reagan, Grand Blanc”