Raimee, Midland County

Storyteller: Madison Wagner Raimee is a 42 year old Registered Nurse working as the Director of Case Management for MidMichigan Health. In early March she remembers hearing about Covid from other leaders that there was concern with the virus spreading in the U.S. Raimeeā€™s day to day life changed firstly by having her two childrenContinue reading “Raimee, Midland County”

Tiffany, Mt. Pleasant

Storyteller: Madison Wagner Tiffany is a 21 year old student of Central Michigan University who works part time on campus at the gym and is also starting her internship. During the holidays and off time she stays at her moms in Sanford, MI. Her day to day consists of going to class, work and extracurricularsContinue reading “Tiffany, Mt. Pleasant”