Tyler, Saginaw County

Tyler is a senior in high school. He is 18 years old. Tyler was on his way to a Saginaw Spirit game in early January when he heard the radio station in his car start talking about a new virus that had been infecting people all over in China. Tyler wasn’t terrified when he heard this, but he was careful and more watchful of people being sick in public.

Soon after this, Tyler’s school was shutdown and shortly after this, the entire state was shutdown. Tyler’s parents had gotten a divorce in early 2010, so he couldn’t see his dad or stepfamily for the duration of the stay at home order. He struggled the most with not being able to see his dog, Buck, because he was at his dad’s house while he was stuck at his mom’s.

When Tyler turned 18 in July, he began working with his dad at his body shop. Ever since then, he has continued to work as an essential worker out of his Dad’s car garage. Tyler didn’t necessarily agree with the stay at home orders and mandatory mask law, but he now realizes not to take his time with anyone for granted, because you never know what will happen tomorrow.

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