Monica, Saginaw County

Storyteller: Trinity DeCaire Monica is a thirty-nine-year-old mother and civil servant who lives in Saginaw, Michigan. She first heard about COVID-19 when news about Wuhan was being broadcasted. Her current main focuses are work and family, she works as an Income Tax Auditor who processes local income tax filings and assists taxpayers with their filings,Continue reading “Monica, Saginaw County”

Isaac, Midland

Storyteller: Jessica Thompson “Beep beep- my phone went off with a new alert talking about a virus spreading in China. I remember reading the article and thinking that it will never make it here.” A local police officer, Isaac stated when recalling when he had heard about the pandemic.  When asked how the pandemic hasContinue reading “Isaac, Midland”

Jessica, Saginaw

Story Teller: Daniel Leon Jessica is a 31 year old who is currently working and living in Saginaw, Michigan. She works at a hospital as a CNA where she assists patients with care, performing vitals, and other routine procedures. Her first introduction to Covid-19 was on social media however, officially was introduced at work whereContinue reading “Jessica, Saginaw”

Mandy, Essexville

Storyteller: Alexa Weaver Mandy is a forty-nine-year-old who resides in Essexville, Michigan. She is a global project manager at SC Johnson, a wife and a mother of three lovely children. She first heard of Covid-19 through her work in February. Since the pandemic began she has been working from home, but that hasn’t changed muchContinue reading “Mandy, Essexville”

Josh, Essexville

Story Teller: Alexa Weaver Josh is a twenty-year-old resident of Essexville, Michigan. He is employed at Auto Perfection in Midland, Michigan. Despite this, his main priority in his life right now is supporting his mother through her fight against breast cancer. This on top of the pandemic has made life quite hard this past year.Continue reading “Josh, Essexville”