Reagan, Grand Blanc

Storyteller: Aubrey Cole

Reagan is 19 years old and lives in Grand Blanc, Michigan. He is a full-time student at Martin Luther College, and also has a job working for door dash. Reagan first heard about COVID at school. All the students had got together for chapel and they were told they were not coming back for school. All of their senior trips were also canceled.

His life didn’t change much when COVID hit. With school their classes were changed to online only for a month. After that, they went back to normal classes and sports. Reagan now is ready for whenever classes will be put online. He has a better understanding of school because he kind of knows how to teach himself.

However, he lost out on the best things about senior year. His choir tour, prom, and all senior lasts were canceled. Reagan learned that wearing glasses with masks are not fun. They are like two big things on your face and it is hard to move one without the other. The pandemic taught Reagan to savor every moment in life. He lost out on so much of his senior year of high school. Reagan needs to remember to live in the moment. 

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