Justin, Saginaw County

Justin is an 18 year old senior from Freeland, Michigan. Justin had first heard about covid-19 in late December, when a friend sent him an article about it. Justin tried to continue living his life normally, but he had always been somewhat of a germaphobe, so when he heard about a new virus, he began using hand sanitizer and washing his hands much more often than he normally would. Soon after this, his school was shutdown due to covid-19 cases in his state skyrocketing.

In early April, soon after the state shutdown, Justin lost his grandpa to covid-19. He was being held in a nursing home like he had been for the last 2 years, and a worker at the home contracted the virus and unknowingly spread it to other patients at the home. This was a very hard time for Justin, as his grandpa couldn’t even receive a proper funeral due to the stay at home order. As well as this, his healing process was disrupted by not being able to leave his home, and he had way too much time to think.

Since then, Justin has begun acquiring his associate in science, and hopes to eventually become a Pharma. D. Aside from being stuck at home, Justin has found ways to turn this into a positive, and has begun reading and working out much more than he did before the pandemic. As well as this, Justin has learned to appreciate all of his time with loves ones, as you never know how quickly they can be taken from you.

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