Josh, Essexville

Story Teller: Alexa Weaver

Josh is a twenty-year-old resident of Essexville, Michigan. He is employed at Auto Perfection in Midland, Michigan. Despite this, his main priority in his life right now is supporting his mother through her fight against breast cancer. This on top of the pandemic has made life quite hard this past year. Josh is a very social person, and not being able to see his friends and the people he cares about like he used to has not been easy for him mentally. When the majority of businesses closed down in April, his work was one of the many to close down. This was a hard loss financially. Auto perfection opened back up in June, but this was short lived for him. In early July, Josh became infected with Covid-19. He describes it like being hit by a truck. He woke up one morning with a fever of 103.5, a grueling headache, nausea and a loss of taste. It was a horrifying experience for him, fighting through what many had died from. Missing work again due to Covid-19 was a very hard financial loss for him. It has also been very complicated starting his first year of college online, he is one of the many who it is very hard for. Face-to-face learning is not only more beneficial for him, but he misses the social aspect of  school well. It was also a harsh realization for him to see how poorly the government has handled the pandemic. Josh was very saddened to see the people who should be leading the country and building American citizens up, push them all apart by politicizing an international health crisis. A major lesson Josh has learned due to the pandemic is to always have money saved up incase of an emergency. You may never expect a situation like a global pandemic to occur, but anything can happen and it is important to have money saved to fall back on when needed. The biggest thing the pandemic has taught him as a whole is that even if you are at rock bottom right now, millions of others across the globe are going through the same thing. You’ve got to keep fighting, things will get better.

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