Mandy, Essexville

Storyteller: Alexa Weaver Mandy is a forty-nine-year-old who resides in Essexville, Michigan. She is a global project manager at SC Johnson, a wife and a mother of three lovely children. She first heard of Covid-19 through her work in February. Since the pandemic began she has been working from home, but that hasn’t changed muchContinue reading “Mandy, Essexville”

Josh, Essexville

Story Teller: Alexa Weaver Josh is a twenty-year-old resident of Essexville, Michigan. He is employed at Auto Perfection in Midland, Michigan. Despite this, his main priority in his life right now is supporting his mother through her fight against breast cancer. This on top of the pandemic has made life quite hard this past year.Continue reading “Josh, Essexville”

Amy, Essexville

Story Teller: Alexa Weaver Amy is a fifty-seven-year-old who was born and raised in Essexville, Michigan and continues to reside there to this day. She is a wife and a mother of two amazing children. Her main responsibility right now is maintaining her household, being a parent and taking care of her pets. Amy lostContinue reading “Amy, Essexville”

Stevie, Essexville

Storyteller: Alexander Younce Stevie, the owner of a local tea shop and the oldest of three children, has felt a lot of the effects that the virus has had on the economy, they had to close their shop and rely on government grants to survive. However, this struggle is something they consider minimal compared toContinue reading “Stevie, Essexville”

Andrew, Essexville

Storyteller: William Stark  Andrew is a nineteen-year-old who attends Delta College. He has hobbies which include music, fitness, and hunting. At the very beginning of the pandemic, he was wrapping up his senior year in high school.  There was great fear in his mind when he first heard about COVID-19 in China. He was playingContinue reading “Andrew, Essexville”

Jennifer, Bay City

Storyteller: William Stark  Jennifer is a mother of two children, Jake and Bowen, with her husband Tom. She was working in Midland at Dow Chemical as an air quality supervisor. In March of 2020 things took a big turn for her. Jacob, was in a musical production at Garber High School and on short notice it wasContinue reading “Jennifer, Bay City”