Macy, Saginaw

Macy is a 18 year old recent high school graduate from Saginaw County Michigan, throughout the beginning of the pandemic she was a co-op patient transporter at MidMichigan Health. When the cases started to climb MidMichigan was forced to drop her co-op position in order to reduce Covid-19 exposures to high school students. She describesContinue reading “Macy, Saginaw”

Coty, MIdland

Storyteller: Manuela Harper                 Coty is a 31-year-old assistant to a Colorectal Surgeon.  She first heard about COVID sometime in February of 2020.  Working in the healthcare field, emails were being sent out making everyone aware of the situation.  Not much information was known but they were letting people know what they could without tryingContinue reading “Coty, MIdland”

Richard, Bay City

Richard is 39 years old and lives in Bay City, Michigan. Richard is lucky because even before the pandemic he was already working remotely. He is a Software Developer for Ascension Health and works closely with healthcare professionals. Because of his job working in a hospital, Richard has been in a more privileged position toContinue reading “Richard, Bay City”