Ethan, Bay City

Storyteller: Richard West

Ethan was 19 when COVID-19 first started and worked as a host at Latitude as well as going to school full time at CMU, both of which have been impacted by the COVID-19 quarantine.

He has been impacted by the existence of the virus by way of his workplace being shutdown due to the quarantine which has allowed him to get unemployment and benefit from the stimulus check which was, “the only good thing to come from COVID”.  On top of that he was affected in school by way of not being able to go to classes sometimes due to them being moved online and or mixed.

Although he did not catch COVID-19, both of his parents had caught it while he was away from the house for school, and although they both were left unharmed by the virus, he was unable to visit home from school because of it. The virus has been influential in his decisions to go to parties and convinced him to stay home instead of going out with friends.

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