Eve, Saginaw County

Storyteller: Megan Stott

Eve is 18 years old and worked in fast food and retail during the virus. She heard about the virus in early February when her and her friends were going to the mall. “I wore a mask as a joke but really I was foreshadowing the future.” Her friends thought she was crazy for wearing a mask at the time and thought it was embarrassing. When the state shut down, Eve now spent her days at home with nothing to do. “I found my days to be repetitive.” Doing the same thing almost everyday was tiring for Eve. While bored at home, Eve found herself staying up later and sleeping in, “My mom would say I was a 3rd shifter because I would be going to sleep when she was waking up for work.” Because of the freedom of being stuck at home for months, it didn’t seem like a big problem, but now with work and school, she knew that her sleeping schedule had to be fixed. She’s been working hard to get her sleep back on track so she can go to bed a decent time. Even though quarantine wasn’t very entertaining for her, she began bettering herself and becoming happy. “I’ve become much more happier as a person and I’ve gotten closer with people that make my life much more enjoyable.” Eve found a new hobby with her friend, which is gaming. They would play games together and talk on headsets, which was perfect when you can’t be with your friend in person. This kept Eve busy and she found a new enjoyment which made her happier. Gaming brought Eve new friends from all over the world and brought the ones close, closer. One thing Eve has to say about the pandemic is “In bad times you’ll find your true people. Also, appreciate the things you can do freely.”

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