Justin, Saginaw County

Justin is an 18 year old senior from Freeland, Michigan. Justin had first heard about covid-19 in late December, when a friend sent him an article about it. Justin tried to continue living his life normally, but he had always been somewhat of a germaphobe, so when he heard about a new virus, he beganContinue reading “Justin, Saginaw County”

Haley, Freeland

Storyteller: Alexus Knapik Haley Hickey, 19 years old, works in a daycare, babysits part-time, and is a full-time college student. She is fully involved with everything she does and loves spending time with her family. She found out about the pandemic when it first started in China, hearing about it on the news she knewContinue reading “Haley, Freeland”

Maxwell, Freeland County

Storyteller: Nick Kennedy Maxwell has been working at Geyer’s Pennzoil since sophomore year of high school and is now 19 in his senior year at Freeland High School. Working has been his favorite thing to do because he enjoys making money and making a wellbeing of himself. All the way back in February he rememberedContinue reading “Maxwell, Freeland County”