Mason, Saginaw County

Mason was an usher at the temple theater. He is 19 years old. In mid January, mason had heard rumblings at school about a virus that had been running rampant in China called covid-19. Mason payed no mind to it and continued living his life as he normally would. Mason soon came very ill with a 102 degree fever, but it quickly passed. The illness he had seemed to have gone around his family, as even his grandma contracted whatever he had had.

Soon, the news about covid-19 was mainstream, and after looking at symptoms and effects of covid-19, he realized that he probably had the virus when he fell ill in January just a month before. His grandma still hasn’t recovered her taste of smell almost 10 months later!

Just a week later, Mason’s school announced that they would be shutting down for 2 weeks. Mason was excited, knowing these 2 weeks would consist of nothing but video games, hanging out with friends, and relaxing. Once the two weeks were over, the school had extended the time off of school, and Mason came to the realization that his senior year might be over.

Since the pandemic, Mason has realized how important it is to go outside and be social, and will never take another time with friends for granted.

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