Tiffany, Mt. Pleasant

Storyteller: Madison Wagner

Tiffany is a 21 year old student of Central Michigan University who works part time on campus at the gym and is also starting her internship. During the holidays and off time she stays at her moms in Sanford, MI. Her day to day consists of going to class, work and extracurriculars such as hanging out with friends and family. In March in 2020 her manager was getting ready to close the gym when he told her that after they close tonight they would be closed until further notice. At this time, Tiffany’s day to day changed. Instead of working and going to school she stayed in Mt Pleasant for a while and did her best with the rocky transitions to online classes. She then moved home until the start of the fall semester to save money. SHe struggled this whole year, wondering if she’ll lose her job struggling with getting as much out of her online classes as she does her in person classes. For Tiffany it’s hard to think of anything positive that has come from this Pandemic, but she has gained a greater appreciation for the time she gets to spend in person with friends and family. She told me that when the mask mandate started she had a dream or more so  a nightmare where she forgot her mask when she went into the store. She shared that she woke up in a cold sweat and out of breath, she stated she never thought she would feel that way about a face mask. Overall the pandemic has taught her how selfish people really are. “The way a lot of people, everyday and people in power, have treated the pandemic is really frustrating”. 

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