Richard, Bay City

Richard is 39 years old and lives in Bay City, Michigan. Richard is lucky because even before the pandemic he was already working remotely. He is a Software Developer for Ascension Health and works closely with healthcare professionals. Because of his job working in a hospital, Richard has been in a more privileged position to understand the severity of Covid-19. Since Richard was prepared for the pandemic a bit earlier than most, he stocked up on some extra supplies in anticipation of a lockdown. Richard was considerate and did not hoard supplies because he was worried about his fellow community members. He followed all the guidelines set by the Governor and was vaccinated as soon as it was available to him. Richard has a 10-year-old son that now attends his schooling online, and Richard feels this would be quite problematic if he had a job that he did not do from home. His day-to-day life has not changed as drastically as some, but having to multitask his job with assisting in his son’s schooling can leave him feeling exhausted at the end of the day. Richard spends what little free time he has with his family. He likes to listen to music and watch movies. Richard feels that the current situation could be improved, but some people are too selfish to do their part and will do as they wish instead. He believes that some people simply do not seem to care about helping others. Richard hopes that when the Pandemic ends, his son can return to school in person where he can make friends and have a normal childhood where he can play and not be isolated from other kids.

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