Coty, MIdland

Storyteller: Manuela Harper                 Coty is a 31-year-old assistant to a Colorectal Surgeon.  She first heard about COVID sometime in February of 2020.  Working in the healthcare field, emails were being sent out making everyone aware of the situation.  Not much information was known but they were letting people know what they could without tryingContinue reading “Coty, MIdland”

Adelina, Saginaw

Storyteller: Manuela Harper Adelina is a 31-year-old Health Information Management Specialist, where she retrieves and delivers charts to the appropriate staff and locations in healthcare.  She first learned of COVID in either the end of January or February of 2020.  Since she does not watch much TV, she learned of it through Facebook.  There wereContinue reading “Adelina, Saginaw”