Aaron, Farwell

Jobs have been a blessing or a curse for some who have worked the pandemic. Aaron tells us about how his job has been more important in the past year. The job spectrum is either on the rise or falling on bring Aaron halls fish all around the United States. Supplies have been more in demand recently, but everybody has to eat. Some of Aaron’s other friends spoke in on conversation and said them delivering packages has been on the rise too. Yes, it does make a lot of sense considering that not many people want to leave their houses. Aaron who regularly goes to New York, hasn’t caught covid. Life hasn’t changed much for him besides having more deliveries and loads. When asked if he worries about how the pandemic affected the economy, he was quick to say, that he understood that some needed unemployment and he hopes that those who are just being lazy and playing the system get caught, because they are part of the reason the economy is suffering. Being the hard-working individual Aaron is he believes that many now are using the pandemic as a scapegoat to not work. Aaron believes that the pandemic has made a drastic impact on Americas working class, he is unable to tell if it’s a good impact or a bad one, all he knows is he gets up for work everyday and tries to make the most of it. Aaron has recently mention that many jobs are currently going down the drain be cause of unemployment, and he hopes it all changes very soon. He cannot not wait to get back to the normal be cause its hard to stop, eat, and use the bathroom when he’s on the road. Aaron hopes that on day this will all feel like a gigantic nightmare.  

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