Coty, MIdland

Storyteller: Manuela Harper

                Coty is a 31-year-old assistant to a Colorectal Surgeon.  She first heard about COVID sometime in February of 2020.  Working in the healthcare field, emails were being sent out making everyone aware of the situation.  Not much information was known but they were letting people know what they could without trying to cause a panic or scare everyone.

                The biggest change for her, like many others, was the schooling and sports for her son.  Kids went from freely being able to do what they loved and see their friends, to having to be on lockdown and going to school virtually.  As you can imagine, that was quite the challenge.  Coming from a family that was always close, another thing that changed was having to cancel the holidays and being around family so that they could prevent the spread of the virus.

                Like most people, she has learned the importance of washing her hands more often.  But with gains, there also comes losses.  For Coty it was the loss of many memories and family traditions.  With the lockdown and possible spread of the sickness, a lot of their family time had become nonexistent.  She felt that she lost basically the whole year of 2020.

                This pandemic has taught Coty that life can be extremely short.  You never know what is going to happen, so you should try and enjoy life while you can.  No one knows when their time is up, and with COVID it can be cut short in the blink of an eye.

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