Coty, MIdland

Storyteller: Manuela Harper                 Coty is a 31-year-old assistant to a Colorectal Surgeon.  She first heard about COVID sometime in February of 2020.  Working in the healthcare field, emails were being sent out making everyone aware of the situation.  Not much information was known but they were letting people know what they could without tryingContinue reading “Coty, MIdland”

Anna, Midland County

Storyteller: Michelle Wilkerson Anna is an 18-year-old who lives in Midland, Michigan. She is a co-op student for a hospital. Anna puts extra time into volunteering until one day she was asked not to come in. Covid began to spread, and she felt scared, yet it felt like something temporary. she spent her junior yearContinue reading “Anna, Midland County”

Crystal, Midland

Storyteller: Anna Bradford Crystal is a 39 year old elementary school teacher from Midland Michigan, who is also a mother to two kids. She first became aware of the spreading COVID-19 illness when schools started discussing, what was supposed to be, a temporary shutdown in early March of 2020.  When the COVID-19 pandemic first hit,Continue reading “Crystal, Midland”

Isaac, Midland

Storyteller: Jessica Thompson “Beep beep- my phone went off with a new alert talking about a virus spreading in China. I remember reading the article and thinking that it will never make it here.” A local police officer, Isaac stated when recalling when he had heard about the pandemic.  When asked how the pandemic hasContinue reading “Isaac, Midland”

Raimee, Midland County

Storyteller: Madison Wagner Raimee is a 42 year old Registered Nurse working as the Director of Case Management for MidMichigan Health. In early March she remembers hearing about Covid from other leaders that there was concern with the virus spreading in the U.S. Raimee’s day to day life changed firstly by having her two childrenContinue reading “Raimee, Midland County”

Kathryn, Midland

Storyteller: Alexus Knapik Kathryn Lamont, also known as Katie, was 18 when this pandemic began. Hearing about it from the people at work is where she first learned about the virus that was soon going to take over the country. Katie works as a head cook in a restaurant in Saginaw. She wasn’t expecting everythingContinue reading “Kathryn, Midland”