Macy, Saginaw

Macy is a 18 year old recent high school graduate from Saginaw County Michigan, throughout the beginning of the pandemic she was a co-op patient transporter at MidMichigan Health. When the cases started to climb MidMichigan was forced to drop her co-op position in order to reduce Covid-19 exposures to high school students. She describes Covid as a major disruption of her senior year, she didn’t always feel like that though. When schools first shut down, she thought it was going to be a relaxing extension to her senior spring break. Instead, her senior spring break trip was cancelled, and she never even got to walk during her graduation ceremony. But it wasn’t until she realized the school did not plan on opening up again that she truly became weary of the disease. She describes her freshman year at Grand Valley State University as disappointing. Originally she planned to move into the dorms at the school, but after an entire summer of maybes, the school decided against it. This meant Macy spent the last year taking her first year of college online, which has caused her to struggle with her classes immensely.

Overall, the pandemic has been difficult for Macy, hurdle after hurdle has been thrown at her. Because of the disease, Macy has lost what was left of her senior year, her job, and her freshman year at Grand Valley State University. Even through this she chooses to  shine a more positive light on the time, she describes how the pandemic has taught her to be flexible. All of her graduation plans changed drastically, and it’s caused her to make many hard decisions at the last minute. In the end though, she’s just excited to finally move past this difficult time in her life.

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