Gabby, Saginaw

Gabby is an 18 year old student at Delta College studying to be a veterinary technician. Before Covid-19 she was a high schooler who worked part time at TJ Maxx but in June 2020 TJ Maxx officially closed for the statewide lock down leaving Gabby jobless. When the store opened back up again, her job was completely different. Because the store had been closed for so long many people were desperate to get in and the store had collected so much stock over the lock down there were huge deals causing even more of a stir, this all created a very busy environment. She started to fear touching anything around her. After about a month of watching customers come in without masks and touch everything in sight, she decided it was time to put her two weeks in. 

Gabby held severe anxiety toward catching Covid-19, but she also held anger for it. She was never able to finish her senior year or even start her senior soccer season. She even decided against attending her own graduation ceremony. After everything, she felt it was pointless. 

As of now, Gabby has her first vaccine and nearly everyone around her has suffered from Covid. Because of this she isn’t nearly as fearful of catching it as she was during the beginning of the pandemic. She’s taking online classes at Delta College and although she mentions she had been a great student throughout high school, she finds herself truly struggling with being online. She struggles the most with paying attention to lectures while she is surrounded by at home distractions. One thing she’s taken away from the pandemic is that too many people base their choices purely on their political party. She’s disturbed that wearing masks has become a political statement rather than a precaution for the good of the public.

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