Lily, Saginaw

High school isn’t expected to be the best time of your life, but you should still have a good experience. Lily is a student from Saginaw herself had half of junior year cut short and barely any of her senior year has a lot to say. While a lot of school might have missed the mark of the pandemic Lily thinks her school did the best job it could: “We were online for majority of the year and we recently went back to in person class, but when numbers started rising again, we are back online for another two weeks.” When asked on if she prefers online or in person, Lily made the difficulties of online schooling known.

Online schooling during the pandemic was hard for Lily because it was hard to stay motivated and get on Zoom every day. When they went back in person, Lily’s grades instantly began to rise meaning she is much more a hands-on person. School itself was hard because the normal joys and treats you got for going to school were no longer going happen. It was extremely hard to accept that hard graduation ceremony wasn’t going to be like her brother’s; she wasn’t going to get a single prom experience. The hardest part of this school year for Lily was knowing that the best year, the year everyone looks forward wasn’t going to happen. Graduation and prom is still up in the air for Lily’s school. They don’t know how the wish to proceed or how Covid mandates might change.

Despite the downside of her senior year, Lily herself is looking forward and is excited to plan her graduation party. Though it might not be as big as her brother’s, it will still be worth wild because it represents what Lily expresses as a huge mile marker in her family. After her graduation party Lily is planning on going to nail school although she is already practicing nails; you can see her work on Instagram at the handle @lilysnailzz.  

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