Randi, Bay City

Randi is 35 and recently moved from Chicago, Illinois to Bay City, Michigan to live with her sister. Randi is an Account Executive for a Graphic Design sign company in Chicago. Her life has changed drastically throughout the course of the Pandemic, moving back to her hometown after living in another state for nearly ten years of her life. Randi is lucky enough to be able to work remotely in a separate state from the business she is employed at. Randi takes the pandemic seriously and always wears her mask and makes sure to sanitize her hands frequently when she is out in the general public. This has started to make her hands dry and crack. Additionally, she cleans off the packaging of any food or drinks that she may get when she is out at the store with cleaning wipes. Randi misses an abundance of things from before the pandemic. She used to go out to concerts, large events, and the movie theater often. Instead of going into public now she spends most of her time at home painting, drawing, and creating many types of art to pass the time. She also likes to go outside for walks and playing with her pet cat Louie. Randi has started to watch less news on the TV during the Pandemic, realizing it is not the most reliable source of information and is more concerned with getting viewers than spreading true information. She believes that these channels are fear mongering for views. Despite all the bad things the pandemic has brought to Randi she feels it has helped to bring her closer to her family.

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