Richard, Bay City

Richard is 39 years old and lives in Bay City, Michigan. Richard is lucky because even before the pandemic he was already working remotely. He is a Software Developer for Ascension Health and works closely with healthcare professionals. Because of his job working in a hospital, Richard has been in a more privileged position toContinue reading “Richard, Bay City”

Julie, Bay County

Storyteller: Richard West             Julie was 52 when COVID-19 first started and worked as a surgery scheduler in the O.R. at Covenant hospital where the effects of the virus were very easy to see, due to the influx of patients in the hospital and the regulated masks that were given out very early in theContinue reading “Julie, Bay County”

Jennifer, Bay County

Storyteller: Sage Simon Jennifer is 41 years old and lives in Bay City, MI. She is a Registered Nurse in a cardiology unit at the local hospital. Recently though, her unit had turned into a full-fledged COVID unit and has been nonstop filling with new patients. Jennifer was informed in the first week of MarchContinue reading “Jennifer, Bay County”