Krista, Bay County

Storyteller: Sage Simon

Krista is 35 years old and lives in Bay City, MI. She works at the local hospital in the medical records office and had a job switch to be a scheduler in the middle of a major pandemic.

Krista had learned of the pandemic during the first week of March through the media. During that newscast, the highlights were over the virus in other countries, but it was known to be in the United States in due time.

With the news of this virus, many of those around Krista at work had jumped ship and left her alone in her department. Her day to day life had changed because she had all of the work pushed onto her and the stress that came with it. Along with all of that, she had an added sense of fear. One thing that reduced the stress though, was the enjoyment of the time that she got to spend with her daughter and husband. Krista had gains due to COVID but she also lost things like her freedom and her ability to live her normal crazy life with her daughter and family.

Krista’s experience that she dealt with was how she noticed how others seemed to be so affected by the use and importance of daily mask wearing. She didn’t quite understand how people could be so inconsiderate of those around them and the ease that came with it. She also recalls how funny it was to watch people freak out over hoarding daily items.

Through it all, Krista was taught how thankful she really is to have her family and how lucky her and her loved ones are to not be so affected and that they can have each other during times like these.

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