Tina, Bay County

Storyteller: Madison Wagner

Tina is a 44 year old Certified Nursing Assistant at a long term care facility who lives in Kawkawlin, MI. She works close with the elderly and alongside the Registered Nurses. In early March she was made aware of the outbreak of the virus from her children, and then began her own research. Tina’s day to day changed from seeing her children daily to not at all. She no longer went into the grocery store but ordered them online, stopped going out to eat and even got a portable closet that she keeps in her garage to change out of her clothes from work. Due to her job she also has to get tested weekly, which is not fun. As the Pandemic went on she became much more skilled in universal precautions and disinfecting techniques. Things became much more difficult for Tina when many people from her work quit, causing a lot more stress than usual. She was forced to switch to online schooling even though it is not her preference. Tina doesn’t see her family as much or at all depending on the risk. One complaint she has about the masks would be acne, which a lot of people are also dealing with. She can’t help but listen to others conversations about this virus. She tells me that some people think it’s a lie, and the government is behind it. Others are too cautious, such as wearing face masks while driving their car alone. She did have a funny story to tell where she went into a patient’s room wearing her N95, and the patient thought it was a costume asking her what she was supposed to be. She does still have fear, the more it reaches her area and those she knows and loves the more she fears that someone she loves will get sick. 

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