Chase, Bay County

Storyteller: Sage Simon

Chase is an 18-year-old from Bay City, MI. Chase was a high school senior and part-time worker at a local KFC when coronavirus had begun to affect him.

He first heard about the new virus when talks of the schools closing for a few weeks had come up. Coronavirus had changed his daily life when he was unable to go back to school and his work had changed him to a full-time worker when others had quit. Chase had gained a new focus when it came to his job and the newest responsibilities that came with it, as well as an influx in his revenue. Although Chase gained more than he lost due to the virus, he did lose events and experiences like his senior prom, his senior golf season and the PGA courses that they had planned, and finally the classic graduation.

Chase and his family, friends, and girlfriend had a planned trip to Mexico as a senior graduation gift and the whole experience before they had left stood out to him. The change in the plans and the time it took for passports were the thick of the problems. Through it all though, they were able to go and have a great time even during a pandemic. When they had returned, Chase almost immediately had to return to work and he thought that that was a funny thing because of how much talk there was about waiting a certain amount of time in between leaving the country and returning to work.

In all of this, Chase had learned many things including enjoying the free time that he has with those closest to him, and how to put long hours into the office, in this case, KFC.

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