Michael, Bay County

Storyteller: Sage Simon

Michael is a 35-year-old living in Bay City, MI. He has a job as a Security Manager in the local hospital.

In the first week of March, news had hit and Michael was informed through the media and his coworkers at the hospital of this new virus that was making its way to the United States. Due to him working in the hospital, he had to inform his workers of the new protocols that were to be followed and obeyed. Michael had a ton of extra work and the responsibility that came with being a superior. Michael was upset with his lose of his sense of freedom and ability to take his cans back.

Michael recalls how crazy it was to experience having to do daily health screenings at his job in a tent outside of the hospital. If the workers were unable to pass the protocols, they were sent to a separate part of the tent that was a makeshift room with six separations in order for them to be examined. This was such an eerie sight for him as it was all so new and the thought of having to be in those rooms were what everyone feared.

Throughout it, Michael learned how to be grateful for life, but he also learned how there are a heck of a lot of people out there that are selfish and see ones life over another. He wishes that those could be as caring of others safety as he is with those that surround him.

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