Isaac, Midland

Storyteller: Jessica Thompson

“Beep beep- my phone went off with a new alert talking about a virus spreading in China. I remember reading the article and thinking that it will never make it here.” A local police officer, Isaac stated when recalling when he had heard about the pandemic.  When asked how the pandemic has affected his daily life he said, “We were given extra in service type training in how to deal with the public during the pandemic. They helped to point out to us that some people are very scared of the virus, some people don’t believe it is even a real thing and most fall somewhere in the middle of those two extremes. This is very helpful to keep in mind when you are working with the public.  I of course have had to wear a mask, like everyone else. The public has made some interesting comments about the masks. When I ask them what someone looked like while filling out a police report, often they say, “How am I supposed to know? Everyone is in a mask.”

Isaac’s life routine has changed dramatically. “I leave my uniform at work in my locker until the end of the week. I then take my clothes to the laundry mat because my wife is very nervous about the spread of Covid. Shower before I get home and sanitize the car to try to help reduce the spread of the virus and put my wife’s mind at ease.” Even with all these precautions, he still tested positive for Covid. The scary thing about Covid, is we don’t know how sick you will get until the time comes. Though he was lucky to not be hospitalized, not all were so fortunate. We will get through this, together. Keep doing your part by social distancing, wearing your masks and stay home if you’re sick.

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