Haley, Freeland

Storyteller: Alexus Knapik Haley Hickey, 19 years old, works in a daycare, babysits part-time, and is a full-time college student. She is fully involved with everything she does and loves spending time with her family. She found out about the pandemic when it first started in China, hearing about it on the news she knewContinue reading “Haley, Freeland”

Kathryn, Midland

Storyteller: Alexus Knapik Kathryn Lamont, also known as Katie, was 18 when this pandemic began. Hearing about it from the people at work is where she first learned about the virus that was soon going to take over the country. Katie works as a head cook in a restaurant in Saginaw. She wasn’t expecting everythingContinue reading “Kathryn, Midland”