Jacob, Midland

Storyteller: Alexus Knapik

Jacob, who is currently 18 years old, works on a farm and is very dedicated to everything he does in life. When all of this happened he was finishing his last year of high school, therefore, everything was flipped upside down. Life as he knew it became weird and not as fun. Hearing about the pandemic in school and seeing it on the internet increased the speed of everyone knowing about it and it affected how people reacted. The school days were canceled and senior year was just an option, as long as you were passing classes, you didn’t have to do any of the final work and you finished with whatever grade you ended with. At first, he couldn’t even go back to work. After a month or two, he was allowed to go back to work, but nothing was normal anymore. Jacob’s daily life changed drastically. 

Looking at his social life and his individual attitude about the situation, many different things occurred. When the shutdown hit Jacob stayed at home with his family, which consisted of his mom, dad, brother, and sister. They spent a lot of time together and made a few good memories. He believes that this was the only good thing when it came to the pandemic. His family along with many other families became closer and did more things together. The family game nights became a hit. After everything settled down a bit you never saw anyone without a mask. The people who wore glasses always had foggy glasses and Jacob also dealt with this issue at some points. Wearing a mask also made it harder to breathe when doing things. 

Although it was a tough time, many things were learned and it made you realize a few things. Jacob learned that you can’t trust everything you see on the media. Even though it was a bad sickness some chose to use it for gains in things like politics and money. The pandemic also taught Jacob to keep hand sanitizer on himself at all times and sanitize commonly used items daily. Jacob went through many changes with this pandemic and it affected everything in his life and completely changed what he had planned for the last year. 

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