Jennifer, Bay City

Storyteller: William Stark 

Jennifer is a mother of two children, Jake and Bowen, with her husband Tom. She was working in Midland at Dow Chemical as an air quality supervisor. In March of 2020 things took a big turn for her. Jacob, was in a musical production at Garber High School and on short notice it was canceled. Jennifer was really looking forward to seeing her son on stage. However, upon performance time in early March, she became very ill. This was when Covid-19 pandemic was first becoming the big scare that it is today. While feeling the most under the weather she had felt in years; she considered getting a Covid test. Being that the virus was so new it was too difficult for her to obtain a test. Soon enough she was feeling more like herself. Even though she was doing better her lifestyle was altered due to the stay-at-home order and many things changed for her. 

The lockdown sent everyone home to be locked up, in which Jenny said, “it felt like forever.” However, in this three-month time frame of isolation with family many things changed for the better. The biggest shift was in her time spent on the road. Taking her kids to school along with the commute to Midland was a total of an hour and a half on the road five days a week. Her driving time per week was practically at zero. This limited driving opened up a lot of time in her days to sleep more and cook healthier meals. She had been always very faithful when it came to exercise. Attending a fitness class five days a week was a regular. Running became her main form of exercise and she began losing weight due to better diet. Physically, she was feeling on top of the world but life at the moment was pretty bland. The lack of interaction with coworker and friends had her feeling subpar at many times. There were a few ways she found enjoyment in her own home. At one point her two sons had shaved their heads in obscure ways. Jake had a mullet and Bowen had a Friar Tuck bowl cut. According to her it was, “quite the sight to see.”  

Burning the candle at both ends had become something of the past for Jennifer. With working from home, she can get her work done in a more efficient manner and doesn’t spend countless hours in the car. She is now getting more sleep and time for self-improvement. She says she is happy now and the more time she spends at time with people she loves the better.  

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