Andrew, Essexville

Storyteller: William Stark  Andrew is a nineteen-year-old who attends Delta College. He has hobbies which include music, fitness, and hunting. At the very beginning of the pandemic, he was wrapping up his senior year in high school.  There was great fear in his mind when he first heard about COVID-19 in China. He was playingContinue reading “Andrew, Essexville”

Max, Bay City

Storyteller: William Stark  Max Michalski is a nineteen-year-old college student at SVSU. When his world became confined to his household, he was devastated. It all started in mid-February when FOX news was reporting breaking news on China having an outbreak of a new disease. This new information had blown over his head. He had neverContinue reading “Max, Bay City”

Jennifer, Bay City

Storyteller: William Stark  Jennifer is a mother of two children, Jake and Bowen, with her husband Tom. She was working in Midland at Dow Chemical as an air quality supervisor. In March of 2020 things took a big turn for her. Jacob, was in a musical production at Garber High School and on short notice it wasContinue reading “Jennifer, Bay City”