Amy, Essexville

Story Teller: Alexa Weaver

Amy is a fifty-seven-year-old who was born and raised in Essexville, Michigan and continues to reside there to this day. She is a wife and a mother of two amazing children. Her main responsibility right now is maintaining her household, being a parent and taking care of her pets. Amy lost her job in late April due to Covid-19, and is still struggling to find work months later. Early on in April Amy had become infected with Covid-19. The long term effects of the virus are still taking a toll on her day-to-day life. Although it has been months, she still has not gained back her sense of taste or smell. She is constantly fatigued and so worn down that she has started to slightly lose her hair. Amy also misses socialization and being able to see the people she cares for outside her family. Despite all she has withstood during the pandemic, she has gained more faith than fear. One thing in particular surrounding the pandemic that Amy has noticed is that the face masks have caused her skin to break out and induced problems with her rosacea. She also wishes she was able to see others facial expressions like she used to. It is very hard for her to see how awful people are to each other right now, especially due to politics regarding the election and how the pandemic has been handled. The pandemic overall has taught Amy a very valuable life lesson: life is short and can be taken unexpectedly, so be kind to others and enjoy your time while you are here.  

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