Jonah, Bridgeport

Storyteller: Nick Kennedy Eighteen-year-old Jonah lives and works at McDonald’s in Bridgeport. In his final year at Nouvel Catholic Central, he was first introduced to what Covid-19 was by hearing a classmate saying everything was going to be shut down. At first, he feared the fact that lives were rapidly being lost, but he beganContinue reading “Jonah, Bridgeport”

Maxwell, Freeland County

Storyteller: Nick Kennedy Maxwell has been working at Geyer’s Pennzoil since sophomore year of high school and is now 19 in his senior year at Freeland High School. Working has been his favorite thing to do because he enjoys making money and making a wellbeing of himself. All the way back in February he rememberedContinue reading “Maxwell, Freeland County”

Camille, Saginaw County

Storyteller: Nick Kennedy Camille is currently a student at Nouvel Catholic Central. On any ordinary day back in March, her and many others together began to learn and hear about the so-called Coronavirus from fellow classmates. Everyone at the time could not seem to believe what was occurring in the world as schools and differentContinue reading “Camille, Saginaw County”

Jesus, Saginaw County

Storyteller: Nick Kennedy Jesus is 19 years old and has been working at Home Depot in freight and receiving for a few months now. Originally, he only worked part time during the night shift hours from nine o’clock at night to one o’clock in the morning. Now he currently is taking part in full timeContinue reading “Jesus, Saginaw County”