Camille, Saginaw County

Storyteller: Nick Kennedy

Camille is currently a student at Nouvel Catholic Central. On any ordinary day back in March, her and many others together began to learn and hear about the so-called Coronavirus from fellow classmates. Everyone at the time could not seem to believe what was occurring in the world as schools and different businesses began rapidly closing. While the initial lockdown was in place she always stayed at home and continued schoolwork but through online sources such as Zoom. Online class was not the best transition because it was not handled very well. Spending time in person with friends from school also went away. Spending most of her time at home, she grew closer with immediate family because being with them was not something that always occurred on a regular basis. She took advantage of different forms of technology to stay in touch with those outside of home such as FaceTime and social media platforms to be sure to stay connected with friends and other family members. Living a normal life for her became very irritating but adapting and being patient was what she grew to do. Extracurricular activities were lost and just leaving the house to go shopping, or even going to family events were extremely limited. Some of her distant relatives and family friends had lost their lives due to Covid-19 and those experiences taught her and her family that staying clean and safe, for themselves and others is the most important thing to do while living in a deadly pandemic. When the public began to open a little more with extra precautions, she learned to identify who is who just by seeing above the nose of someone because of wearing masks. One more thing she has realized is that there are certain people that believe the pandemic is a joke, and that they do not need to follow the rules thinking that they are making some sort of statement, when she says they are just being ignorant. As Covid-19 still proceeds she continues to do what she loves but in safe ways along with doing her part within in the world.

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