Jonah, Bridgeport

Storyteller: Nick Kennedy

Eighteen-year-old Jonah lives and works at McDonald’s in Bridgeport. In his final year at Nouvel Catholic Central, he was first introduced to what Covid-19 was by hearing a classmate saying everything was going to be shut down. At first, he feared the fact that lives were rapidly being lost, but he began to learn that there are ways to be safe outside of home and remain living a somewhat normal life. In his senior year did not like the fact that school went online because he already struggled with school and he was becoming lazier with what he was supposed because of the difficulty. Not being able to see his friends everyday was not what he wanted, but he knew it was for the better of everyone. After the national lockdown he found his job at McDonald’s and found a girlfriend. In the beginning, the effect of the virus was not very positive for him, but he adapted and enjoyed the things he was still able to do such as work and spend time with his friends and girlfriends over various methods. Graduation parties still took place during the pandemic and fun times with friends remained, especially when his friend Jesus had fallen into a cat litter box and seemed to sit in it as it was his own. Despite less time with friends, he loves to focus on himself more whether it be things he still can enjoy or working. With the tough times he knew that he needed to follow all the rules even though masks do form more sweat making it uncomfortable at work. Focusing and working on himself is something he loves, because he felt as if he would not have without being forced to stay home most of his days. His main aspect he has gained is that he has found more time to help himself mentally and working taught him that there is much more to life.

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