Maxwell, Freeland County

Storyteller: Nick Kennedy

Maxwell has been working at Geyer’s Pennzoil since sophomore year of high school and is now 19 in his senior year at Freeland High School. Working has been his favorite thing to do because he enjoys making money and making a wellbeing of himself. All the way back in February he remembered hearing different conspiracies on the internet saying that China formed the virus which we now know as Covid-19. As the country went on lockdown, he continued his education online which was difficult because it was very awkward and not the normal way of going about things. Along with the shutdown, he did not work for some time and collected unemployment which was not necessarily a bad thing to him, despite his enjoyment in working every day. Because of Covid-19 shutting school down and limiting the number of hours he originally spent on school, he spent more of his time working, making money, and bettering himself physically and mentally. He worked out more and realized while not working, sitting around is not the best option to stay healthy. Several months ago, he, along with his mom and dad, tested positive for the virus. They did not suffer greatly from it besides losing their sense of taste and smell. He even still does not have them back completely. Quarantine gave him more time to enjoy things at home, such as time with his mom and dad, along with time with friends on video games. Wearing a mask daily is not a big issue for him because he likes the fact that others cannot see his usual facial expressions. During this time, he has realized many people have changed while being locked up, and that some may or not follow rules to keep the public safe. With the pandemic still in effect he likes that he still gets to enjoy time at work with his coworkers, while understanding that there are still precautions that must be followed to help other including himself.

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