Allison, Sanford

Storyteller: Courtney Pieper Allison is a 19-year-old teenager. At the beginning of the year her life revolved around work, school, and friends, by the end of the year, her life consists of mainly working. For many teenagers, this year was supposed to be their senior year of high school, the year that they got theContinue reading “Allison, Sanford”

Heidi, Sanford

Storyteller: Courtney Pieper Heidi, a 45-year-old woman, first recalls hearing about COVID-19 on the news back in February/March and when her work began changing their policies. As a certified nursing assistant at Gladwin Pines, Heidi has had many changes in her daily life due to this pandemic. Her work policies have changed many times, theirContinue reading “Heidi, Sanford”

Crystal, Sanford

Storyteller: Courtney Pieper The first time Crystal, 45-year-old women, really heard anything about COVID-19 was back in February when the Diamond Princess cruise ship had thousands of passengers and crew members quarantined. From there, she claims that everything just escalated. As a correctional officer, who works as custody staff inside the St. Louis prison inContinue reading “Crystal, Sanford”

Will, Sanford County

Storyteller: Toby Rey Will lives with his two parents and two sisters who lived on their own before the pandemic. He works at an old person home serving food and cleaning up dishes and tables after the old folk have returned to their rooms. He first heard about COVID-19 in his history class, his teacherContinue reading “Will, Sanford County”

Tucker, Sanford County

Storyteller: Adam Jean Tucker Vandyke is an 18-year-old freshman at Michigan Technological University this year. He lived in Sanford, Mi before moving up to Houghton. This year has been quite chaotic from him due to the Corona Virus seconded by the catastrophic flooding Sandford suffered in May. Tucker says that he first heard of theContinue reading “Tucker, Sanford County”