Heidi, Sanford

Storyteller: Courtney Pieper

Heidi, a 45-year-old woman, first recalls hearing about COVID-19 on the news back in February/March and when her work began changing their policies. As a certified nursing assistant at Gladwin Pines, Heidi has had many changes in her daily life due to this pandemic. Her work policies have changed many times, their personal protective equipment (PPE) has changed and they are required to wear the N-95 masks, they are not allowing any visits, and they are being tested two times a week, sometimes three times, and have been for the past three or four months.  

While working during such a stressful time, like many people, Heidi has experienced being more stressed out, and has struggled with wearing the masks, as it muffles peoples voices and makes it hard to hear everybody. While that is stressful and annoying, it can sometimes be funny too, as people misinterpret words and sentences. She also, expresses that she personally has not loss anything from COVID-19, but she has watched lots of residence lose stuff from this pandemic. Heidi claims that if she has learned anything from this pandemic, it was “to not believe everything you hear on the tv and to always fact check.”

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