Rebecca, Midland County

Storyteller: Adam Jean Rebecca Jean is a 19-year-old Michigander who has bounced back and forth from Midland to Kalkaska due to her inability to attend in person education at The University of Michigan. She planned on getting a job but then COVID-19 interfered with her plans to do so. She now spends her days balancingContinue reading “Rebecca, Midland County”

Blake, Livingston County

Storyteller: Adam Jean Blake Smokovitz is an 18-year-old student that lives in Brighton, Michigan. His main responsibilities are balancing high school with early college while maintaining a steady job as an oil and tire technician at a local shop. His last two years of high school were going normally for him until The Corona VirusContinue reading “Blake, Livingston County”

Tucker, Sanford County

Storyteller: Adam Jean Tucker Vandyke is an 18-year-old freshman at Michigan Technological University this year. He lived in Sanford, Mi before moving up to Houghton. This year has been quite chaotic from him due to the Corona Virus seconded by the catastrophic flooding Sandford suffered in May. Tucker says that he first heard of theContinue reading “Tucker, Sanford County”