Mary Beth, Sanford

Storyteller, Mitchell Zieman

I am Mary Beth Seasholtz, I am 56 years old, and I work with Dow as a Data Analyst. I first heard about the pandemic in December from news reports and friends who live overseas. My day-to-day life has changed drastically, I have had to work from home for over a year now, due to offices being closed. I have gained lots of new ways to take my stress away, like taking walks, or playing solitaire on my phone. I have lost the chance to go overseas to accept an award for being an influential woman in Chemometrics. I was really looking forward to a little vacation. A sensory detail I have remembered from the beginning of me working from home is the smell of scented candles I light in my office area to keep me focused. Not many funny things have happened during the pandemic that I can remember. The pandemic has alerted me to many different germs and bacteria that can be anywhere. I also have learned a lot about COVID through Dow’s briefing’s.

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