Jonathan, Sanford

Storyteller, Mitchell Zieman

My name is Jonathan Zieman, I am 61 years old. I live in Sanford, Michigan. I recently retired from Dow Chemical, but I was a Robotic Chemist there. I first heard about COVID-19 in early December. My day-to-day life has not really changed, as I can do work from home, and do things from Safari Club International, of which I am the President of the Mid-Michigan chapter. However, during the pandemic, I have replaced both of my knees, so that is something I gained and lost from the Pandemic. A sensory detail… I would say is going to physical therapy every morning and doing my best to get my knees to be better. I have not experienced many funny things from the pandemic. Yet, the pandemic has taught me how to stay resilient, calm and collected when things didn’t work out for SCI’s big fundraiser. 

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