Adelina, Saginaw

Storyteller: Manuela Harper

Adelina is a 31-year-old Health Information Management Specialist, where she retrieves and delivers charts to the appropriate staff and locations in healthcare.  She first learned of COVID in either the end of January or February of 2020.  Since she does not watch much TV, she learned of it through Facebook.  There were many articles posted that referenced COVID.

Her day-to-day life changed quite a bit.  She had to make many adjustments so that her daughter could continue school virtually.  Her work environment also had some changes.  She has gone from working in the office to working remotely.  Working remotely has allowed her to spend more time at home and less traveling.  She has also learned how to be more cautious of the places she does go and monitoring both herself and her household.

One of the many things she has gained from the pandemic is being able to spend more time with her daughter.  She has also learned how to eat healthier and prepare home cooked meals rather than going to restaurants and fast-food places.  She was even able to form new connections by volunteering to help at the COVID testing and vaccine clinics.  This has helped her gain a better knowledge of the concerns of her community and what she can do to help.

For Adelina, there has also been a few losses during the pandemic as well.  She has lost some family and friends due to complication from COVID.  She also felt the loss of not being able to just hug and love on her family members and friends freely as she is a person that loves to give hugs when greeting a family member or a close friend.

The pandemic has taught Adelina the importance of getting tested because a person can have COVID without even having any symptoms.  It has also taught her that the virus does not discriminate, any one can catch it no matter your race or social standing. The pandemic has given her a new appreciation of life, people, and their occupations.

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