Billie, Flint

Storyteller: Manuela Harper

Billie is a 32-year-old CNA that takes care of the elderly and mental patients.  She first learned of the virus while at work.  She was looking at her phone and came across a post about the virus.  Day to day life has changed quite a bit for her.  From having to wear a mask, to the daily temperature checks and the constant handwashing.  She finds herself having to constantly remind the people around her to wash their hands.  Weekly COVID Tests became a new part of her occupation. 

Like most people, she was unable to celebrate her birthday nor do much traveling.  It also made it quite hard to visit family members, not wanting anyone to get sick.  Working in the area that she does, Billie saw a lot of people catch the virus.  She has also witnessed people dying from the virus.  For her, it has been hard to understand why the virus is still around.

She has lost a lot during this pandemic, but she has also gained a few things.  She has been more attentive regarding her hygiene and keeping her immune system in top shape.  She has also been able to manage her budget wisely and saving her money.  Among the things she has lost, she noted that her patience is one of them.  Also, losing the face-to-face family time.  Her and her family have been using zoom and google duo to keep in touch.

 The pandemic has taught her quite a bit.  For instance, it has taught her that anything can at any time and to anyone no matter how rich or poor you are.  It has also taught how to stay on top of her health and how to strengthen her immune system.  And finally, always budget your money.  You should always have money saved up for a rainy day.

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