Chris, Bay City

Chris is 55 years old and has five kids. He works at an apartment complex maintaining and repairing apartments. Unfortunately, he has diabetes so once the pandemic hit, he had to be extremely precautious of his health and who came around him. Chris’s life did not exactly take a turn, but he was in a predicamentContinue reading “Chris, Bay City”

Brittney and Donald, Bay City

Brittney and Donald are a young couple from Bay City, Michigan. Brittney is 23 and her husband Donald is 25. The two have a six-year-old daughter. The young couple owns a modeling company called Beauty In Me. The business is in Saginaw. Within this business they are modeling coaches, motivational speakers, and do fashion production.Continue reading “Brittney and Donald, Bay City”

Lynette, Saginaw

Lynette is a 41-year-old mother with three children. Her children are 18, 14, and 7. Her life was going smooth before the whole pandemic began. She was working a good paying full-time job at Avflight and another job at the MBS airport. As a customer service worker at the airport, she has to check passengers’Continue reading “Lynette, Saginaw”