Phalicia, Saginaw

Phalicia is a 19-year-old who lives in Saginaw, MI with her mother and siblings. During the pandemic she worked as a Doordasher. She was picking up as many hours as she could. Although this job was somewhat risky because she had to deliver food to all kinds of people, she was lucky enough to have a steady source of income. She took a break from the Doordashing to focus on school so she could get her sonography degree.

Although the pandemic didn’t affect Phalicia as much as others such as her losing her job it did affect her social life. She lost out on having the opportunity to go to Miami, Florida, watch her friends graduate and go to prom. She also could not get the materialistic things done like she wanted such as get her hair and nails done. One thing she did gain from this pandemic was a bigger household and a nephew. Although she could not see her nephew when he was first born, she described this moment as being the highlight of the pandemic.

She never realized how quick life could change overnight. One day she is thinking she had all the time in the world to get what she wanted done then all of a sudden everything is shutdown, and she can’t go anywhere. She was one of the lucky ones who had to adapt to her glasses fogging up every time she put them on. This pandemic has taught her to never take anything in life for granted because as you can tell nothing is guaranteed to stay the same.

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