Lynette, Saginaw

Lynette is a 41-year-old mother with three children. Her children are 18, 14, and 7. Her life was going smooth before the whole pandemic began. She was working a good paying full-time job at Avflight and another job at the MBS airport. As a customer service worker at the airport, she has to check passengers’ bags, board passengers on the plane, and make sure the plane takes off on time. She has been working at MBS airport for 10 plus years and for the first time in all those years she witnessed the airport be almost completely dead. All her kids were doing great in school and she was preparing for her daughters’ graduation ceremony and graduation party. Then suddenly come March her life as she knew was about to be flipped upside down. She not only lost her job, but she also lost her ability to rarely get time to herself. She watched as her whole family began to lose things, they were deeply excited for, she could not spend time with her siblings or mother, and she couldn’t have the normal life she longed for.

COVID-19 took away her life as she knew it. Leaving the house without having to have a mask, spending the holidays with her family without worrying about getting anyone sick, and being able to live like a regular human being. Of course, while the pandemic was still around in the summer her life was somewhat normal. She still was able to make summer memories with her family as usual but come the school year it was a whole other story. She became a full-blown teacher for her youngest. She never knew that the pandemic would go this far to the point where she had to try to teach her 7-year-old basic subjects in school.

 Ms. Cruz lost a lot from COVID-19. She lost her job position, her alone time, and her health benefits but although she lost a lot, she also gained something from the pandemic. She gained the awareness on how fast things can change overnight and she has become more grateful for what she still has left. Unlike many she didn’t lose anyone to the virus, and she’s managed to stay safe throughout the whole pandemic. Throughout the pandemic she learned to not take the simple things for granted like going out in public without needing a mask.

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