Brittney and Donald, Bay City

Brittney and Donald are a young couple from Bay City, Michigan. Brittney is 23 and her husband Donald is 25. The two have a six-year-old daughter. The young couple owns a modeling company called Beauty In Me. The business is in Saginaw. Within this business they are modeling coaches, motivational speakers, and do fashion production. Their local modeling company had to take a pause once the pandemic hit. Throughout the crazy pandemic and their company not being able to do events and expand more they managed to pull off a wedding once the summer hit. Despite the chaos the two tied the knot but kept it safe for everyone who got invited.

Their modeling company had to take a quick pause for a couple months but despite the pause the company was attracting more and more people. Although none of the models could meet with each other in person everyone continued to stay connected via Zoom or Facetime. Brittney and Donald continued to promote their company and was determined to grow during this unfortunate time. The young couple enjoyed the pause even though they were stuck in the house. They had the opportunity to spend time with their daughter and even got a new puppy.

 Unlike some these two company owners made the best out of being quarantined and having to be super precautious. They were able to gain more business and recognition for their business, they gained more models, and caught the eye of other modeling companies. This pandemic was more of a blessing for them than a curse. Like others they did have issues with having to wear the masks all the time. Brittney began noticing that she would get a dry throat from wearing the mask for a long period of time. Donald noticed that he began having frequent headaches due to the mask.

These two business owners were fortunate enough to be able to gain more business throughout the pandemic. The one thing they did lose though was that in-person connection they had to make with future models or other business owners. This pandemic has taught the two to celebrate the little things in life and that isolation is not easy for anyone.

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