Chris, Bay City

Chris is 55 years old and has five kids. He works at an apartment complex maintaining and repairing apartments. Unfortunately, he has diabetes so once the pandemic hit, he had to be extremely precautious of his health and who came around him. Chris’s life did not exactly take a turn, but he was in a predicament he never imagined he would be in. His job responsibilities had him going into to people’s homes to repair things that were broke or just needed repairing. This job was a risky job for him to have because he already had health issues. His hours were cut, and like many other American citizens he had to figure out he was going to manage his life this way.

Chris was a homebody before the pandemic began but while quarantined, he lost time with his kids and grandkids. He was not able to see one of his daughters because she worked in the food industry and worked throughout the whole pandemic. He went months without seeing her which was extremely hard for him because he has never gone that long without seeing her. She was not the only kid he had to think about, his oldest son who lives is Oklahoma was also on his mind. Chris lost a lot of quality time with his kids.

Mr. Jackson had to be extremely careful about who he was around because if he would have gotten sick it might not have been good for him in the end. Luckily, he managed to stay healthy and safe throughout the whole pandemic. Although Mr. Jackson lost quality time with his family, he gained the knowledge of knowing how serious this pandemic really was. He could not have that in person connection with many people. This pandemic taught him to be aware of his health and the people around. He also began to disinfect his home more often after he had visitors. This pandemic affected everyone, but it is the elderly people with health issues whose life changed for the worse.

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